How does a portrait commission work?
The artist will meet with you to photograph your child, then use those photos as references to draw the portraits. When it is complete, the artwork will be delivered to you ready for framing.

How long does it take?
From start to finish, collectors should allow at least a month. The first step is to create good reference photos. Facial expressions, lighting and shadows are all important in the making of a great portrait. More time is needed to compose the drawing and to make any preliminary sketches necessary. Once the meticulous drawing begins, the actual studio time will be approximately 30 hours.

How much does it cost?
The price for a single portrait is $750. This includes the initial photography session.

What will you do with the photos you take?
Since they are only used as a tool for reference, all photos are discarded after the portrait is complete. I don't sell them or give them to anyone.

How should I frame my portrait?
Professional picture framing not only enhances the beauty of a work of art, it can help protect and preserve your portrait for many generations. A good picture framer can show you a variety of matting and frame designs that will present your artwork beautifully. Look for a shop that is certified by the Professional Picture Framer’s Association.

Are reproductions available?
Yes, extended family members and friends often want reproductions of a portrait to enjoy in their own homes. High-quality, archival reproductions are available from the artist for $15 each.